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Last updated on January 20, 2023

Every year, all of us are responsible for reporting our income to the government for tax purposes, and no matter what level your income you can easily find yourself in a dispute with the IRS or state government over your taxes owed. In those situations, you should not try to go against the government alone, because of the complexity of the tax code it is incredibly opaque and difficult for people to understand without proper training. A trained California tax attorney can help make your life a lot easier by taking on your case and negotiating on your behalf with the government.

My name is Gerzain “Mike” Barrera, and at the Law Office of Gerzain Barrera, APC, I have over 26 years of experience in accounting and tax preparation that I accumulated during my career. I decided that I could further serve my clients by obtaining a law license and opening my own practice that would leverage my knowledge and skills to help them fight unfair government audits, negotiate payment plans for back taxes, and prepare complex tax returns. I can help you with both your state and federal taxes, and I represent both individuals and small businesses who need tax representation.

I Can Help You With A Broad Range Of Tax Issues

My practice is primarily devoted to assisting clients with their tax problems, and using my background in tax, I provide them with a unique set of services that leverages my knowledge to the greatest effect. I can help clients who are looking for help in preparing their taxes by organizing and preparing your documents for you, both state and federal taxes and for both individuals and small businesses. However, in many cases my clients come to me after they have gotten into tax trouble, and they need a lawyer to defend them against the government. Here are some of the cases that I can help you in:

  • Audits – When the government is seeking a full accounting of your finances, you need to ensure that it is done properly so that you do not pay any more than you legally are required to.
  • Business taxes – Many people need help when their small business gets into trouble for failing to properly follow all applicable tax code requirements, and I can help straighten them out.
  • Employment Development Department tax issues – Also sometimes referred to as unemployment tax issues, many people fail to withhold part of their unemployment income despite it being taxable income. I can help you solve this by getting a payment plan negotiated with the EDD.
  • Franchise Tax Board negotiation – If you are having an issue with your state taxes, then you will need my help negotiating with the California Franchise Tax Board.
  • Payroll taxes – Many businesses can run into issues involving payroll taxes, and that is where I can step in and find a solution.
  • Tax payment plans – If you are being harassed by the IRS or FTB and need help negotiating a payment plan with them, I can help you by speaking on your behalf and getting you a manageable payment plan.

These are but a few of the ways that I can help my clients with their tax issues.

Come And Speak With Me Today For Help

No matter what the issue you may be having with your taxes, I can help you by giving you a free, 15-minute case assessment to determine what possible solutions may exist and how I can represent you. If you are interested in taking advantage of my services, call me at 562-267-4165, or write to me here with a brief description of your situation. I am prepared to assist clients of all financial backgrounds, and I speak fluent Spanish as well.